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the clıque  

Nascence of the project is based on a common need; art is not reachable! Especially for the commercial and hospitality projects. The Clique founded as an art gang, to provide massive amount of artworks in professional levels with a theme and within a fixed time. 


Sılıcon Valley - San jose Calıfornıa

“The Waves of the Silicon Valley” is simply a contemporary sculptural landmark design. It is designed as an abstraction of fluid sound and electric waves placed parallel to North Autumn Street. One of the fluid waves rises up to 37 meters height. The structure consists of steel tube rows. Each row is formed by joining twisted tubes with a separate profile. These tube rows are combined with steel twisted rods at each top and down axis to ensure rigidity of the structure. The whole structure transfers load to the ground with the foundations formed at two points.
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